Homemade (tr)Eats


My mom, Isobel- or now known as Nana, is an amazing baker. Truly. She’s a great worker on the farm, but from the kitchen she shines and virtually sweetens the whole world. Especially her only-local fruit pies such as Mountain Apple, Mango, Lilikoi and Citrus Tarts.

I’d like to think our Garden Greens are as popular as her pies and cookies. But who am I kidding.

We also offer a selection of refreshing salads, soups, teas, juices and seasonings. We use our homegrown fruits and herbs, organic and local ingredients, such as Kauaʻi honey and macadamia nuts from Hawaiʻi Island.

Contact us to find out whats cooking this week.
We also do special orders. 808.349.4324

cookie<THE COOKIE. Avocado~Macadamia Nut~Chocolate Chip. Heavenly.

nioi salt <Nīoi Chili Peppa Salt.

nioharvest<Here’s Nana, harvesting the chili peppers.




cooler n quinoa


photos by Bryna Storch

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