Lanipō is our dear sweet mule. She works hard, always helping us- opening pathways, clearing weeds, moving logs, mowing the lawn, guarding the garden, taking us places, encouraging curiosity, serious steadfast silliness, very large cuddles, and she fertilizes plenty…
She is strong and has wise instincts, she inspires our faith and has helped us to cultivate abundance. I can’t remember if we named the farm after her, or her after the farm- the 2, land & animal, always seemed connected. I can’t imagine doing this without her.
Kuʻu dream come true, Lanipō, i promise to take good care of you~



lanipopua<<12ft. sunflowers and Lanipō, 16hands.

lanipoweedeater<<The silent weedwacker.

longear<<Longears Lanipō.

lanipouhane<<our sweet ʻUhane cat loves Lanipō.

photos by Bryna Storch

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