“Local Heroes” Award Winning Farm

In 2017, Eaters, readers, voters chose Lanipō Farm family as “Local Heroes”
in the beautiful Edible Hawaiian Islands magazine.

Read about it here: http://ediblehi.com/local-heroes-2017/

This makes us so very happy and has given us ever more encouragement to persevere, to grow and to create good things for our community. It confirms our focus to keep our methods pono, our integrity as our priority and thereby bring the delicious. It is truly ʻĀina that is the hero- our work is to help this ʻĀina win – apparently many of you folks agree that is important for Kauaʻi, and that is the very best part of this acknowledgement.

Too cool, to be included in the ranks of these guys:
Farm/Farmer – Lanipo Farms, Kaua‘i
Food Shop/Farmers Market – Hanai Kauai, Kaua‘i
Chef/Restaurant – Chef/Owner Sheldon Simeon, Tin Roof, Maui
Pastry/Dessert – John Cadman of Pono Pies, Hawai‘i
Beverage Artisan – Kyle Reutner, Brand Manager of Kō Hana Rum, O‘ahu
Non-Profit focused on Food – Hawai‘i Center for Food Safety, Hawai‘i


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